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On Air Collective is a multi award-winning independent agency in Hong Kong, delivering crafted 360° brand experiences.

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Local Chefs


‘Hometown Heroes – The Gourmet Theatre’ saw a ground-breaking collaboration with wine and food experts and the top five chefs in Hong Kong to bring cooking to life. Close to 200 guests attended the dinner that highlighted local produce, along the way creating a once-in-a-lifetime show for high profile attendees.

Our Strategy

We decided to think big, creating a one-of-a-kind F&B experience with local heroes, and bringing in elements from Swire properties tenants and partners, which enhanced and strengthened relationships within the ecosystem. We aim to create Asia Tours and bring the F&B festival to the next level.


Social Media Coverage


A unique dining experience for guests came in the form of the Gourmet Theatre, a stage at Taikoo Place for local chefs and produce to shine. Our menu and experience was a spectacle that showcased Swire tenants and partners, along with the talent of celebrity chefs, to media and influencers. Their coverage created winning impressions among the public, and wide social media exposure.

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