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Recognised as one of Hong Kong’s best-planned business hubs, Swire Properties’ Taikoo Place is home to over 300 multinational corporations.

Core Service

PR & Social Media Launch Campaign


This program is an ambitious talent search in Hong Kong to find aspiring food entrepreneurs supported by some of the most recognizable insiders from the industry. A six month masterclass programme, it trains the next generation of talent to run an F&B business.

Our Strategy

As Co-organiser and Curator, we developed concept and strategy, content development, and recruitment of aspiring food entrepreneurs to join this programme. We developed the programme aspects that gave back to the community, discovered the industry experts who would educate the next generation of talent and built buzz for the project.


Five local up and coming F&B entrepreneurs were the first inductees, and we paired them with local award winning industry experts to educate and nurture these rising stars. Alongside this, we incorporated the key messages of Swire properties, building awareness for its corporate mission and vision. Finally, we provided opportunities for local talents to shine.

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