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Montblanc is presenting a truly alive and resplendent piece that will accompany yours and future generations to come.

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Montblanc invited people to buck the trend of receiving gifts, and make a list of the wishes they wanted to fulfil for the upcoming year. To kick-start its #whatsonyourlist holiday campaign, Montblanc made some of these wishes come true, inviting shoppers from around the world to share their own stories in the process.

Our Strategy

Engaging some of the top influencers in the city, we partnered Montblanc to invite The Best Female Chef 2017 in Asia, May Chow, to tell us her wish and Montblanc helped her make it come true. Her wish was a charitable one, and as a result, local charity organisation Loving Kids hosted a Christmas party for 20 children from underprivileged families.


The collaboration with local community heroes and charities generated a strong volume of social media coverage for Montblanc, increasing the brand's CSR profile and reach. Engaging hot local talent allowed the brand to give back to the community and raise awareness, which in turn successfully localised this global campaign to a mass audience.


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