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Tong Chong Street Market (TCSM) incorporates eco-living with food to promote healthy living and sustainability.

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Co-presented by Taikoo Place and social enterprise Honestly Green, Tong Chong Street Market annually presents fresh farmers’ produce and ideas for creative dishes, with cooking tips, and highlights of the latest food and beverage trends. As such, it is a platform that encourages dialogue between like-minded communities, healthy living and sustainability. Coffee has always been a central theme for the market, and we helped organise the inaugural Coffee Festival featuring eight local coffee experts, and four award-winning roasters from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in 2019. For the 2020 addition, we showcased the city’s most sought-after coffee vendors including Blue Bottle Coffee, Knockbox Coffee Company, and Winstons Coffee, among others.

Our Strategy

We focused on creating a new experiences every year, as the market had been running for ten years when we started working with the team. Our aim was to create a buzz and traffic by focusing on up-and-coming wellness and F&B partners to increase foot traffic and engagement, our visionaries and PR experts identified the right future trends, and introduced it at TCSM with professional F&B partners.. At the same time, we promoted sustainability and attracted Hong Kong's coffee lovers.


Local sustainability devotees and coffee lovers sampled five overseas unique coffee brands and witnessed demonstrations by masters. We also blended this approach with entertainment and local talents, delivering more foot traffic. This was accompanied by media pitching, influencer engagement, and a strong emphasis on sustainability.

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